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I'm Sonali.

A student and product designer passionate about crafting engaging, meaningful experiences.

Currently @ NVIDIA,  Formerly @ Otis Elevator Co.

Design Lead and Mentor @ Commit the Change and Design at UCI


Past Work

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Product Design

Mobile App


A mobile app that seeks to reduce waste and make donating items easier by connecting donors with charitable organizations in their community.

UI/UX Design


Otis Elevator Co. Internship

My experience as a Digital Technology Intern at Otis Elevator Company, the world's leader in cutting-edge transportation technology.

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Desktop App


A time-management resource that combines exploration, productivity, and community in the age of COVID-19. First place winner at Catalyst Designathon 2021!

UX Design


SuperWorld Internship

Designing an interactive onboarding experience to improve the usability of  SuperWorld's blockchain real estate platform 

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