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I'm Sonali.

A product designer passionate about crafting engaging, impactful experiences.

Prev. UX Designer @ NVIDIA and @ Otis Elevator Co.

Design Lead and Mentor @ Commit the Change and Design at UCI


Past Work

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UX Design


NVIDIA Internship

Redesigning Fleet Command, an enterprise cloud service for managing and scaling AI applications in NVIDIA GPU Cloud.

GoodGiver Portfolio Image.jpg

Product Design

Mobile App


A mobile app that seeks to reduce waste and make donating items easier by connecting donors with charitable organizations in their community.


UI/UX Design


Otis Elevator Co. Internship

My experience as a Digital Technology Intern at Otis Elevator Company, the world's leader in cutting-edge transportation technology.

SW Portfolio Image.jpg

UX Design


SuperWorld Internship

Designing an interactive onboarding experience to improve the usability of  SuperWorld's blockchain real estate platform 

WanderVision Portfolio Image (1).jpg


Desktop App


A time-management resource that combines exploration, productivity, and community in the age of COVID-19. First place winner at Catalyst Designathon 2021!